Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does conundrum mean?

Conundrum: (n) a quandary or a question.

What is your beauty conundrum? Do you have dry, brittle hair needing extra TLC? Are you losing your hair and don't know why? Is your skin dry and wrinkled? Are your nails damaged? Are you tired of your current makeup routine? We are here to answer your beauty conundrums and give you solutions to your problem.


Do you take walk-in appointments?

Yes, of course! Although our expert stylists are usually booked pretty solid so we ALWAYS suggest booking an appointment to ensure your hair is done in a timely manner.

Do you style entire wedding parties?

Of course! Your wedding is our wedding! However we do need some advance notice when booking multiple appointments to ensure your day starts without a hitch. For large parties, we require a 50% deposit. Please call the front desk attendant for more information.